3 September 2010

Software - O&O Defrag Professional Edition v.14.0.167 (x32/x64) Silent Installation

Defrag Professional Edition v.14.0.167 (x32/x64) - Silent Installation

O&O Defrag Professional Edition v.14.0.167 (x32/x64) Silent Installation | 39.7 MB

One of the most famous and best programs to defragment the hard drives on the workstations. Allows you to regain the performance workstations Windows. This solution will eliminate the fragmentation of files and arrange them in order. The program offers a wide selection of new and unique features that make it extra effort to optimize your system.

To create a new schedule, under which will run defrag, and set all its parameters with just a few mouse click myshi.Blagodarya support new technology

OneButtonDefrag, the program can automatically configure settings and to adapt to the specific requirements of your system. Especially for mobile users, we developed

IntelligentPowerControl, which takes the process of defragmenting the hard disk into standby mode when disconnecting the notebook from the mains, thereby increasing battery life. When you connect your mobile computer to the electrical network defragmentation automatically resumes. With this product, analysis and defragment the hard disk is much faster and more efficiently than ever before. Performance hard drive will increase by 5 8 times, even if you thought it impossible!

New: Protection from strong fragmentation through background monitoring and defragmentation
New: Defragmentation of individual directories and files through the context menu
New: Optimized File Status View and enhanced Block View
Wizard for regular and automated defragmentation
Five different defragmentation methods
O & O OneButtonDefrag for simple setting up of automatic defragmentation
O & O ActivityGuardPro for the least system load
Support of all Windows drives

Fragmented hard disks put the brakes on your PC!
Fragmentation can drastically slow down your computer. But the situation is not hopeless: O & O Defrag is the perfect remedy! Defragmentation rearranges the individual data fragments and writes them contiguously on the hard disk. This is really the only way for your computer to regain its original power and performance.

Important Features at a Glance
fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, and XP new
zone filing for optimal organization of files new
three additional defragmentation methods (eight methods in all) new
Improved: even better at eliminating high levels of fragmentation
Background monitoring: your system is constantly kept at its peak
Screen Saver Mode: optimizes your PC whenever it s not being used
O & O OneClickDefrag for fully automatic configuration
Job Assistant for scheduling defragmentation

Year: 2010
Platform / OC: Windows XP/Vista/7 x32/x64
Language: English
Medicine: Yes

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2010 Advanced v9.24 Build 7558 MultiLingual


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