27 September 2010

Movies - Supernatural

Download Gratis Supernatural S06E01 [Legendado] HDTV RMVB
Data Series:
Original title: Supernatural
Translated Title: Supernatural
Genre: Action | Horror | Drama | Adventure
Length: 45 min
Criador: Eric Kripke
Release Year: 2010/2011
Season: Season 6
Sixth season will be a season of mystery and shadows. Heaven and hell were in complete disarray since the apocalyptic events of season five. And now, monsters, angels and demons walk free by a chaotic and lawless land. And Dean Winchester who retired from the game and vowed never again finds himself pulled back into that old life by none other than Sam Winchester, who escaped from hell. The two come together again to fight the endless tide of creatures and demons. But they quickly realize that none of them is who used to be, your relationship is not what it used to be and nothing is as it used to be.

Size: 136 Mb
Resolution: 624 × 352
Frame Rate: 23 Fps
Format: RMVB
Audio Quality: 10
Video Quality: 10
Video Codec: Real Video
Audio Codec: Real Audio


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