6 May 2011

Graphichs Design - Smaart v7.2.1.1

Smaart v7.2.1.1

Smaart v7.2.1.1
TEAM SND | 05/2011 | 29.2MB

Smaart is the most straightforward and widely used software for real-time sound system measurement, analysis and optimization and now, effective November 9th, 2009 it is whollly owned and operated by Rational Acoustics. We are proud to announce the release of the latest version of Smaart, developed by Rational Acoustics.

In short...everything. Smaart v7 is a completely new code base developed from the ground-up. By starting with a clean slate, we have been able to reconsider, revise and improve all areas of the program, from the program?s fundamental architecture through to the details of the control interface. One of the most exciting new features of Smaart v7 is Rational Acoustics itself. We are the same people who have been developing and steering Smaart within SIA and EAW for the past 12 yrs.
Now, as Rational Acoustics, we are a small, independent company focused solely on Smaart. This means we can make decisions that make sense for our software and our market. And we can focus full-time on providing the high level of support and development that have been the hallmark of the Smaart platform. In other words, Smaart v7.0 is just the start.

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