22 April 2011

Internet tool - WebCam Looker 6.0

WebCam Looker 6.0

WebCam Looker 6.0 | 6.4 MB

WebCam Looker - Easy to use multifunctional video surveillance software for home or office.

As soon as movement is detected inside or around your property, the program immediately sends alarm signals. It can cause any of the following: sound, SMS, email with attached image, network message, external application execution, area blinking, upload to ftp or web server, save to file or archive, etc.

The precise motion detector can be configured to watch multiple zones and each can be of any shape. You can record your favorite TV-programs, make snapshots of what your cameras see, or monitor only at certain times, e.g. at daylight time or evenings/weekend, using the scheduler.

Stealthily monitor all local and remote cameras or what is on your computer's monitor (live screenshots) in real time remotely via Internet or review the archive of stored images, using any web browser or your mobile phone. This access can be password protected.

Add one or more marks to your images as text, time stamps, images or watermarks.
Scale and rotate images.

Record video with sound, and make snapshots when an alarm is triggered, or periodically on a schedule, and store them on disk. The disk storage can be used "loop" recording style, or until a predefined disk space limit is reached.

Dynamic IP service (DDNS) allows you to find your computer from Internet, even if you, like most home users, do not have a static IP address.
Dial up Internet providers on demand.
Archive viewer: You can review events one frame at a time, or at adjustable speeds. You can export or delete the recordings.
Password protection.

Unlimited number of sources.
Capture images from WebCams, video and digital cameras (for high-res images), the Internet, World Internet cameras (any custom camera or from the builtin list. Different random cameras from the list as a slideshow), files, TV-tuners and other video capture devices.

WebCam Looker - is motion detection software security through your cameras or other sources of images.

WebCam Looker, can monitor and immediately alarm for the areas around your car, courtyard, aquarium, baby cot, stove, and any other things that you would like to protect.

Continuously monitor your store personnel and visitors, staff at office, baby nurse, child working on a computer.

You can view images from many live webcams via the internet, mark the images you record with text or images of your choice, archive/playback and republish them on your own web site. You can do time lapse photography. For instance, you could record your garden or construction, and then view the archive and see it growing.

You can simultaneously view images from different sources in real-time, including externally updated image files. Centralized storage: if you have multiple computers with cameras, it can capture images from different computers and show, monitor or archive all of them, in real-time, on one computer, working as if the cameras are connected to that computer directly.

Web Cam Looker can be set up to turn your PC into a full function Web server and publish images or live video streaming into Internet. You can create a whole web site or small home page with dynamically updating images.... Or you can use it for simpler tasks, if you do not need to use the web-server features.

Publish your images on personal, landscape, travel, weather or astronomical sites in real time. Use it as a marketing tool - for example, it can monitor how many people visit a shop.

WebCam Looker is the most cost effective solution for your home or office. It uses the new possibilities of our modern computers to give you all of the features of a professional video-security system at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

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