13 November 2010

Info - Processing 100 billion pixel images in quickly with ultra high resolution image

Today, lets think beyond our ordinary megapixel range.... think about an ultra high resolution image with resolution interms of gigapixels. Do you know editing such images of extreme resolution is such a headache...? It would take hours just to get such image loaded into the editing suit...!
But.... not anymore...!!

Computer scientists from the University of Utah have developed computer software that allows editing of "extreme resolution" image files in a matter of seconds....!! The software is called ViSUS ( Visualization Streams for Ultimate Scalability )

The question rising in your mind......' HOW....?'

Well, the working of the software ViSUS is a little different when compared to the existing image processing techniques. ViSUS works by using a sophisticated algorithm to choose the required subset of available pixels to produce an approximate preview of the fully processed monster image which allows editors to work in a fraction of the time taken with existing systems and techniques.

The processing power ViSUS is checked by using a 3.7 gigapixel image of the Earth and spliced in a 116 gigapixel photo of the city of Atlanta. ViSUS passed the test with a very impressive result.

According to the scientists, the fast preview is only a very tiny part of its true power. They say, the true potential of ViSUS lies in the fact that it can make editors zoom in and out of the desired section of the giant image.

Now you may be thinking.... what am I supposed to do with a piece ofsoftware that can process billion pixel image...? Am never going to take a picture in my backyard with such resolution...?
But...it does has people who will get benifited by this......
  • doctors, intelligence analysts, photographers, artists, engineers who wait for hours to get an image processed.


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